Friday, June 6, 2008

umm. . . can I have your number

People always have good intentions at parties and social gathering, I can't tell you how many times I am talking to someone and they give me a tib-bit of advice, suggest a new restaurant or I promise to share my broker's name and I fail to get their email, phone number etc. If only they had a personal calling card, I would follow-up. There are also the awkward points on any first meeting that one must exchange numbers, emails etc. and then there is a dig of a pen and paper--ugh, not so smooth. What if there was a sweet and simple way of exchanging information with ease and old-age social decorum, the personal calling card.

Why personal calling cards ever went out of fashion I have no idea, but these tiny little cards have never been more useful with email addresses, web sites and ever changing phone numbers. Sometimes your business card just doesn't cut it and you want to give someone your personal email or your home number, then slip them your personal calling card.

I love using mine for store clerks too when they are entering my mailing address or information. I don't have to spell out my confusing and long last name, my street address that sounds differently than it is spelled and my email address that has a dot and a dash.

The calling cards are making a come back and like good social graces, sweet and simple will never go out of style.

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