Friday, June 6, 2008

Yours turly

Welcome to the "Beyond Paper & Ink" blog about clever design, beautiful paper and especially about realistic living---beyond the etiquette books.

A little bit about me. . . I am the designer and creator behind the stationery line, Sicily Eason where my motto is sweet and simple, with a twist on classic stationery and invitation design. As a designer many of my clients come to me with questions that bring to light the nuances of social etiquette. I don't pretend to be the etiquette queen, nor to I claim to have all the answers, but I will say I am pretty savvy when it comes to pin pointing what fits most social situations.

I believe is classic correspondence, the punctual thank you, and practicing social graces that would make any Southerner feel right at home---but I am also a modern and realistic woman, and have adopted variations to social graces and I am never afraid to stray from "by-the-book" etiquette. Just like I like my ice tea, with a twist of lemon, I guess you could say I am a a bit of a non-traditional Southern.

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